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Marketing Services

People buy from people they trust. The most important six words that should be ingrained in the mind, heart, and action of every team member in your company. ‘People buy from people they trust’ has never been truer than in today’s business environment where your greatest challenges to accelerating sales growth through effective marketing are: Standing out (building awareness), effectively communicating what you do (gaining understanding), and most importantly proving your value proposition (why what you do matters to the customer).

If you’re like most companies today, you are working with limited marketing resources – limited people, time, and money to develop strategies and implement plans. Resource limitations, when compounded by the ‘noise’ in the market, the number of messages that bombard us daily, threatens the foundation of the trust pyramid – the foundation necessary to build trust that moves to action and accelerates sales growth.


Strategic Healthcare Connections Marketing Services supports a broad range of marketing segments and specialties. We utilize the Trust Framework to assess, report, and recommend marketing strategy & execution plans based on your organizational needs and market conditions. Most importantly we ensure your sales and marketing plans, are integrated with your corporate strategy so that synergy becomes more than a buzzword – strategic synergy is key to your business model.

Strategic Healthcare Connections Marketing Services will become an active collaborator and contributor to your team. We become stewards of your brand to help you build trust in your products, your services, and your organization – trust that moves buyers from awareness to action in their buyer journey. And, your needs drive our scope of involvement; from concept to completion, one time project to longer term staff augmentation, turnkey to scaled to your preference.

Our resources and connections are expansive, so if you have a marketing need or challenge that falls outside the scope of services below, please reach out!

How Do We Help Our Clients?

Demand and Lead Generation


Building awareness, understanding and belief that lead to action is part art and part science. Knowing when and how to strategically utilize demand over lead, or lead over demand generating activities can be the difference between sales stagnation or sales increase.


Trade Shows and Events

Whether the scope is a tabletop display or 8000 square foot exhibit, we can work with you from concept to completion and anything in-between. And, where applicable, we can work with your preferred exhibit design partner. Strategic Healthcare Connections Marketing Services can plan and execute either a single event or manage your entire program.


Speaker Skills, Presentation Skills and Training

Your speakers, whether in-person or virtual, must have the skills to attract, engage, and retain their audience. SHC Marketing Services will help secure outside speaking opportunities, and work with speakers to ensure the highest level of competency.


Association Membership and Sponsorships

Industry association and affiliation participation are strategic initiatives requiring thorough evaluation for the scope of participation, and required resources to ensure benefits are leveraged to the greatest extent possible. SHC Marketing Services will evaluate, and where applicable, work directly with the association on your behalf.


Content Management

SHC Marketing Services writers and content creators will help identify topics, develop strategies, and produce content that resonates with the right audiences, at the right time , and through the right medium.


Media Relations and Thought Leadership

The days of writing a press release, having an industry publication pick it up, and watch customer information requests come flooding in are long gone. Social media, digital media, pay-to-play, and the reduction of print publications have all played a role in the need for new media strategies. Learn how we can help.


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing, under the umbrella of inbound marketing, is often a standalone strategy because of the time, effort, and skills required to effectively execute. SHC Marketing Services can help you determine where, when and most importantly why digital marketing plays a role in your marketing strategy.

Work style and the right fit are critical to creating a positive business relationship. Our reputation is a valued asset we never take for granted, and our penchant for results is apparent through our work ethic. To give you a sense of our work style and fit, we’ve provided a sampling of what people are saying about us.

"I had the fortunate opportunity to be introduced to Judy by a mutual colleague who raved about her marketing skills as both a trusted and valued strategist as well as a creative tactical executor. Was he right! Judy demonstrates a thoughtful, reasoned approach to providing strategic marketing recommendations. She is an excellent listener and collaborator who goes the extra mile to understand a client's business and market, and is sincerely focused on exceeding the client's expectations and delivering high-value service. I value and trust her instincts and insights. She meets my high bar for professional, dedicated, top-quality work, and the bonus is that she is a true pleasure to work with as well!"

-Sue Durio, Marketing Consultant and Principal, Durio Communications

"As one of EXHIBITOR Magazine's former Editorial Advisory Board members and a past All-Star Award winner, Judy has consistently proven herself to be a strategic marketer with a keen ability to generate bottom-line results with beer-bottle budgets. She has developed a reputation in the industry for her track record of making an outsized impact and even rivaling top-tier exhibitors in visibility and brand awareness."

~ Travis Stanton, Editor EXHIBITOR Magazine

"I truly enjoyed working with SHC, and in particular, Judy Volker from Marketing Services. Judy was able to provide strategic and tactical marketing guidance for us. She understood our short-term goals and delivered on her commitments."

~ Kate Macaleer, Senior Vice President, Operations at Sensato

“… and last but not least, marketing analysis and presentation training by none other than Judy Volker, a tremendous marketing talent."

~ Mark Lancaster, Executive Vice President at Sentrics

Judy Volker is a triple threat when it comes to exhibit and event marketing. In addition to possessing a wealth of experience, she stays on the cutting edge of the latest innovations — and she’s a joy to work with to boot. As a senior writer for EXHIBITOR magazine, I’ve used Judy as a go-to source and an awards juror over the last 20 years. She always provides a fresh perspective and delivers ideas that are applicable to both behemoth brands and smaller, up-and-coming firms. Whereas some sources regurgitate stale data, Judy always comes at a problem with creative strategies and novel, perhaps even DIY, approaches that not only save her clients money but also feed my readers killer ideas to steal for their own programs. 

~ Linda Armstrong, Senior Writer/Awards Manager, EXHIBITOR Magazine

What People Are Saying About SHC Marketing Services 

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