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In today’s business landscape, particularly in healthcare, there are far more needs, challenges and expectations than what most organizations are equipped to address. Patients have become consumers with expectations of service and delivery similar to a retail environment, staff will evaluate competitive employment options, and the C-Suite is being held to higher financial performance standards than ever before. It seems like the perfect opportunity for your company to swoop in and save the day, but ...

How do you get your solution in front of these overly worked, overly-scheduled key decisions makers? How do you compete with not just other companies, but with the ‘good is good enough, I don’t have the time or money to look at anything else’ mentality that is so prevalent today? How do you build the imperative trust that only comes with awareness of who your company is, understanding of what you do, and most importantly, belief that what you do matters?


Whether in an executive and organizational Advisory capacity, assessing, planning and executing market and Marketing opportunities, or helping you find appropriate financial solutions, SHC is poised to be your partner to identify and execute strategic advantages that help you penetrate your market/s and accelerate your growth.


"I truly enjoyed working with SHC, and in particular, Judy Volker from Marketing Services. Judy was able to provide strategic and tactical marketing guidance for us. She understood our short-term goals and delivered on her commitments." ~ Kate Macaleer, Senior Vice President, Operations at Sensato

Advisor Services

Accelerate your growth by augmenting your team with proven C-suite executives, each with decades of demonstrated success leading business strategy in healthcare. 

Our team will work alongside you to develop your strategic initiatives and work in partnership with you to most effectively execute against those key initiatives. Your success is our success. 

As a credible, well-connected partner with extensive industry knowledge, we can help you build the trust necessary to reach the right people to demonstrate your value proposition - to cut through the noise and help you get that coveted seat at the table.

SHC's Advisor Services is a key element of our mission to create a true strategic partnership that will help accelerate your organizational growth.

Marketing Services

An effective marketing strategy isn't a pretty document that gets written and then sits on a digital shelf, never to be seen again. A well-developed marketing strategy is a living and dynamic roadmap that is, more importantly than anything else, executable. And that’s where many organizations struggle – taking strategy to execution, concept to completion. 

Leverage our team’s proven experience to help you focus your energy and budget to develop marketing strategies and implementation plans that ensure the right message, to the right people, through the right medium, and at the right time.

Our marketing services span all elements from inbound and outbound marketing, demand and lead generation, niche marketing for conferences, trade shows and events, and sales enablement. From strategic to execution, from advisory to turn-key implementation, our marketing experts will help you build the trust in your brand that leads to action.

Transaction Services

There are many challenges faced by those who dare to dream big enough to impact lasting change on the healthcare industry. From the moment a founder(s) launches a company, they are faced with many important decisions including how much capital the business needs to operate and meet growth goals.  Some will invest their own capital while others will seek investors.

When the company matures there will be new strategic decisions to make around growth and/or exit strategies which may include raising capital, acquiring new  businesses or finding a new owner.

Our team has been there, on both sides, and has experience helping business owners find and implement the right strategy for their unique needs.

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