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The Power of Connection

Ah, the power of 'connection' - a word that took on new meaning and renewed importance during the pandemic restrictions. We made an extra effort to ensure physical distance didn't sever our connection with friends and family. But, did we take the same care with our business? Did we maintain a connection with existing clients or perhaps more importantly, did we find ways to connect with potential clients?

When we connect, we gain so much knowledge from listening, actively listening to what our clients want and need. When we show we've listened, we have the opportunity to share, we earn the right to advise, and we build trust that can lead to action.

Who do you need to connect with? Is your organizational, sales and marketing strategy defined, and your value proposition clear, so that clients and prospects see a win/win in connecting with you?

It's a tough business environment today, and in a Forrester webinar I recently attended, our speaker, John Garcia, shared... "The field of play has changed. To the close the gaps and open the opportunities, companies can no longer just be the one to shout the loudest - they must connect with their audience, listen, understand, and respond." Ah, the power of connection!

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